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Ocean Park is an ideal place to spend at least a half day enjoying thrilling rides and fantastic marine attractions, including an entertaining dolphin show and much more. It is the largest amusement and marine park in Southeast Asia, as well as a distinguished ocean education center and animal protection area. The park is located on the southern part of Hong Kong Island covering an area of 870,000 square meters. There were two new amusement rides that were introduced this year to attract repeat visitors.

  1. Free admission is given to children under the age of three and senior citizens 65 years of age or older (with Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card ). Half price Child Tickets is valid for children between the age of 3 and 11 at the time of admission.
  2. Ocean Park hours of operation : 10am to 6pm every day.
  3. Validity is printed on the back of the ticket. If the date on the original unused ticket expires, the holder can change it for a valid ticket of the same value at the Ocean Park Ticket Office but shall be responsible for the price difference in the event of an increase.
  4. No refunds of unused tickets will be accepted.

Mine Train Roller Coaster
The brand-new mine train roller coaster is the first spiral design in Asia with an exotic and unique Wild West themed look. Passengers will experience sheer excitement during the intermittent high-speed journey of sharp turns and undulating sprints on the two-minute ride.

Pacific Pier
The Pacific Pier is meant to simulate the natural habitat and waters of seals and sea lions from the coasts of California. There are some twenty animals that live here and can be quietly be observed from the underwater viewing tunnel. This new marine facility replaces the original Sea Lion Exhibition Hall and displays a unique marine world where visitors can feed or appreciate these marine creatures, learn about their living habits and have an ecological exploration of the California experience.

Education and Entertainment
Ocean Park has many facilities suitable for educational and entertainment. The Atoll Reef has thousands of tropical fish on display in the aquarium for those that want to know about the fabulous marine world, in addition to the Sharks Aquarium and Ocean Theatre featuring a dolphin show. For thrill-seekers the Roller Coaster, High Speed Swings, Eagle Ride, Crazy Galleon and Ferris Wheel are waiting for themore daring inAdventure Land. Butterfly House, Bird Paradise and Goldfish Pagoda display a kaleidoscopic world. Children receive a warm welcome to Kids' World, Film Fantasia, Dolphin University and Discovery of Ancient World. Hong Kong Jockey Club.The Giant Panda Habitat closely resembles the natural living conditions of the giant pandas with two giant panda bears on display. It provides an excellent opportunity for the public community to learn more about this endangered species.

A fascinating journey is the 10-minute cable car ride up the Headlands from the Lowland Gardens to enjoy the 360 degree view above the park as it rises up through the mountains and offering a pano


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