Snatchy baaings resounded far beyond a loess hill in the west so clear and penetrating as if everything else around was keen to listen, to this almost only sound of life. Some while later two sheep emerged from the other side of hill, coming along with a little girl, tailed with whirling dust. Radiant afterglow of sun blurred shepherdess and her sheep on the hilltop. A usual day was to end, so was a day's toilworn routine of Meiyan. Two sheep was driven on the dust trail back home by Meiyan who, meanwhile, was driven by extreme thirst and hunger. As desired, Meiyan saw a wisp of smoke rising high in the ruddy sky of dusk, from the sunken nest of her family and a short while later she and sheep faded away off the mound contour on the top of her cave home.


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