Jiuzhaigou Valley

The valley is stunningly beautiful - roaring waterfalls, amazing clear, aqua-blue lakes, alpine mountain peaks, serene valley, and traditional Tibetan villages and religious sites.

A bus system takes visitors on the 50 km of paved roads in the park from the park entrance at 2,000 meters (6,000 feet) up the three main valleys of the park. You travel along stunning mountain and water vistas, guarded by 4,000 meter (13,000 feet) peaks. Sites include the entrancing Primeval Forest, the glacially formed Long Lake at 3,000 meters (10,000 feet), water wheels grinding barley and sending prayers to heaven, prayer flags wishing travelers good luck, and the historic Zaru Temple. Boardwalk paths beckon visitors to get off the roads and walk along the stream and waterfalls. Roads in the smaller side valleys, tempt you to walk a few miles and see traditional Tibetan villages where people still grow corn, barley, and vegetables in their small, private fields. Simple lodging is available in Tibetan hotels in the park and many modern hotels provide lodging in just outside of the park.

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