3/F, Shun Tak Centre
Follow the directions on the hanging signage to the Sky Shuttle Departure Gate.
Heli Express Ticketing Counter
Located at 3/F, Shun Tak Centre. Helicopter tickets for up to 28 days are available here.
Location of West Bridge
Follow the direction signage to the Departure Gate at West Bridge. (Arrive here at least 15 min before flight departure.)
West Bridge EntranceFollow Sky Shuttle signage to enter the West Bridge to the Departure Gate.
Sky Shuttle Departure Gate
Collect your pre-booked tickets and check-in your flight here.
Escalator to Departure Hall
Take the escalator down to the departure hall for immigration formalities.
Sky Shuttle Passenger Lift Lobby
After the immigration, follow the signage to the lift lobby on the right end.
Sky Shuttle Passenger Lift
Take the lift to the Passenger Lounge, 4/F.
Passageway to Sky Shuttle Passenger Lounge
Follow the direction on signage to the Passenger Lounge.
Sky Shuttle Passenger Lounge
Let's relax and enjoy the complimentary food and beverage at the Passenger Lounge. Our staff will escort you to the helipad for boarding.