Cross-boundary Services

Sky Shuttle currently operates 54 flights a day, with schedules every 30 minutes between Hong Kong and Macau, and 10 flights a day between Macau and Shenzhen. Each flight takes a mere 16 minutes!
Being the largest commercial transport helicopter operator in the Pearl River Delta region, Heli Express offers speedy and comfortable daily cross-boundary shuttle services with our fleet of Sikorsky S76C+ helicopters.

Hong Kong / Macau route
The Hong Kong / Macau service provides a choice of 54 flight departures daily between the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal and the Macau Maritime Terminal. Hours of service are from 09:00 to 22:59 daily. Each flight takes just 16 minutes in the day.

Macau / Shenzhen route
The Macau / Shenzhen service provides a choice of 10 flights daily between the Macau Maritime Terminal and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Each flight takes just 15 minutes in the day and 25 minutes at night.

Details please contact us by our customer service hot line 2998-7888 or come to CTS branches!